Take your photos from

average to awesome

Photography Academy Merch

Photography Academy merchandise is functional and beautiful, but it serves a much greater purpose. It is a motivator for you…

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Fast Track Program

Crush the 10,000-hour rule with the new Fast Track Program taught by the masters of fine-art macro, wildlife, panorama, and…

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Fine Art Landscape Photography Coaching Program

Learn the fast way with live coaching from Tim Shields

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Tack-Sharp Photography

Finally, the easy way to take tack-sharp photos with laser-sharp focus and bang-on shutter speeds

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Photography Transformation

Transform your photography forever using this simple four-step system. Move your photography from good to great.

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Signature Presets

The solution to one-click photo editing. Find unlimited and unique looks for your photos that will make them stand out.

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Profiles lightroom

Different than presets, these profiles work with Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC.

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Mobile Presets

These presets will work in the free version of the Lightroom app on your phone. Once click photo editing!

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The Photo Cookbook

Jumpstart your photography and learn how to take amazing photos. The Photo Cookbook helps you take stunning pictures. It includes…

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Lightroom Jumpstart

Jumpstart your Lightroom and finally learn how to use the most powerful photo editing software on the planet

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Dynamic Constrast Stacking System

Learn how you can turn a boring tourist snapshot into your own beautiful masterpiece - quick and easy.

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Photography Jumpstart

Jumpstart your photography and move fast from beginner to intermediate.

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