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Founder Tim Shields wins Best in Class Photo Awards

The founder of Photographyacademy.com took home multiple awards from the prestigious Master Photographer’s International 6th Annual International Photo Challenge. Tim Shields won seven awards from the competition, including two Best In Class certifications. 

Shields won the Best in Class Gold Medal for his photograph “Wild Horses” taken in the Camargue region of France, famous for the horses that roam freely throughout the region. Shields also took home a Best in Class Silver Medal for his photograph “Foreverland,” taken in the Plateau de Valensole, along with 5 additional awards for his top photographs of 2020. 

“These awards mean a great deal to me. They give me the satisfaction of knowing that all the effort, the planning, the learning, the 5:00 AM sunrises, and endless hiking have been worth it,” Shields said. 

In 2018, the Fine Art Landscape Photographer has won International Nature Photographer of the Year and has also won awards at competitions like the Epson International Pano Awards. He holds the designation of Master Photographer in Fine Art from Master Photographers International.

Wild Horses by Tim Shields – Winner of Best in Class Gold, Wildlife


Tim Shields is dedicated to helping others achieve the same success

Taking these photographs takes countless hours of rigorous work in finding, planning, and hiking to remote locations around the world. Shields has since dedicated much of his time to teaching and mentoring other photographers around the world to take photographs of their own. 

Tim Shields founded Photography Academy in 2019 to teach other photographers how to create their own fine art landscape photographs. He’s published The Photo Cookbook and is the creator of the Photography Transformation Four-Step System. These resources, along with online sessions, blogs, and YouTube content have helped thousands of people around the world learn to create their own stunning fine art landscape photographs. 

“I have been able to move my photography from a hobby to a passion, and from a passion to a career. And now I find tremendous satisfaction from teaching others how they can create their own stunning photos using the camera they already own,” Shields said.

“It makes me feel incredibly happy and proud to see my students succeed by winning their own photography awards and even launching their own photography businesses.”

Photography Academy has experienced rapid growth and success over the last two years. Since its founding, Shields won the coveted “2 Comma Club” award from Clickfunnels.com, placing Photography Academy in the top 1% of the over 150,000 eCommerce websites using the Clickfunnels platform. 

Foreverland. Silver, Best in Class Fine Art Landscape and Seascape