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Interview with award-winning photographer Wendy Klein

Wendy Klein stunned me when she said she has only been doing photography for less than four years! Wendy is one of the top photographers in our Photography Academy community and she has cracked the code on landscape photography. She is a full-time nurse in Brisbane, Australia, and she has created an incredible portfolio of images that you can see during this interview video.

Wendy is a believer in the principle of practice, practice, practice. She puts in the time and makes the effort to get out there and shoot. As a result, her photos are simply stunning.

Once of the big take-aways for me as an interviewer was hearing the number of times that Wendy will go back to a photo location. She does not just show up one time and expect to come home with a winning photo. She goes back again and again, and each time she goes out her photos get better. This is a huge learning point.

Watch this interview video and enjoy seeing some of Wendy’s amazing photography and hearing how she does it.

Wendy is one of the three admins in the Photography Academy Facebook Group. You can join this group for free and learn from Wendy and the thousands of other amazing photographers in the group.

Enjoy listening to Wendy’s stories! I sure did!

Tim Shields

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