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Tim Shields Hosting World’s First Live Photography Event in the Rockies

For the first time ever, an award-winning Vancouver photographer will be hosting a live online photography training event in the remote wilderness of the Rocky Mountains at a location where there is no power or cellphone data. 

On June 23, 2022 at 1 PM EST, photographers from around the world will be tuning in to join a free, interactive, once in a lifetime event where they can learn how to take fine-art landscape photos. 

Powered by solar panels and a Starlink satellite dish, MPI’s International Nature Photographer of the Year and Epson International Pano Award Judge Tim Shields will be showing his personal tips and tricks for creating award-worthy landscape photographs. Attendees will learn the four step system for creating incredible landscape photographs live in the Rocky Mountains — a place where no one has ever been able to teach live over the Internet before now. 

“The photography training opportunities out in the Rockies are second to none,” Shields explained. “Photographers who watch live will have the chance to not only learn from the training materials, but will also have the opportunity to ask questions live, which helps them get so much more out of the program than they would with a simple YouTube video.” 

The Jackery solar panel and battery pack setup used

Shields is the founder and creator of Photography Academy, an online photography school dedicated to teaching photographers how to take the best photos of their lives without upgrading their cameras. 

Using a Starlink dish, Shields is able to tap into the Internet and show students exactly how a professional photographer creates powerful photographs from start to finish. Photographers will come away with a new sense of inspiration about how to create incredible photographs anywhere using a simple four-step system. 

The Photography Academy founder pioneered the concept back in March, when he hosted the world’s first ever live online event at Toroweap Overlook on the edge of the Grand Canyon. There he showed photographers the importance of using HDR to get a perfect exposure when there’s bright, cloudless skies and deep, shadowy canyon walls. 

The Grand Canyon photo Tim edited in front of a live audience.

Just a few weeks before the Grand Canyon event, Starlink enabled the roaming feature, allowing users to access the Internet outside of a single fixed location. The primary benefit of Starlink’s roaming feature is for RV travelers who need to access the Internet while on the road to enable remote work and stay connected with family back home. 

“When Starlink announced the roaming feature, I knew I had to try this. Hosting a live event like this on the edge of the Grand Canyon had never been done before, and it allowed so many photographers to experience what it takes to create fine art landscape photographs from America’s best photography destination.” he said. “There’s nothing more inspiring to me than seeing everyone’s energy and feedback when they were tuning in, learning, and getting hyped up to go out and take their own awesome photos.” 

Over 2,700 photographers joined Tim Shields and co-host Michael Mataluni live, watching from Florida to Pretoria and beyond, making this a truly global event.  

“The response from our Photographers who watched live was overwhelmingly positive, so I decided to do it again in an equally remote location, but this time, in the Rocky Mountains,” Shields said. “It inspires and motivates people to pick up their camera and walk out the door.” 

The Starlink Satellite dish and Jackery solar-powered battery pack that connected  the attendees with Tim, even though he was in the middle of nowhere, far from any electrical plugin or cellphone connection.

Photographers like Barbara Gunner and Roberto Biaggi took home some great lessons and inspiration to go out and create some incredible images of their own. 

“Thank you Tim, Michael, and the team, this was amazing! I must say you really gave me the confidence to move forward!” Gunner exclaimed. 

 “Thank you both for such a great webinar! I only wish I was right there with you Tim right at the edge of the Grand Canyon! Just a fantastic seminar,” said Biaggi during the event.  

This time, instead of standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, Shields will be hosting the event beside a glacier-fed lake deep in the remote wilderness at a mystery location in the Rocky Mountains — one of the world’s most incredible photography destinations famous for crystal-blue waters, tall jagged mountains, and pristine rugged wilderness. 

The lessons will be tailored live to the location, and will even include a live Lightroom editing demonstration, allowing photographers to learn from each step in the process of creating an incredible image. Photographers can sign up for the free Rocky Mountain online event happening on June 23rd here. Please note, the space for event is limited to just 2,000 spots due to satellite connection bandwidth.